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About Us


Spotiviral is one of the biggest platform for music artists to get promoted their Spotify songs to a targeted audience through playlists, social media network and ads campaign  

 Who are we?

We are the authorized online music promotion company in US which available for thousands of Spotify artists worldwide. Our intensions is to provide organic spotify campaign for the artists. “” is an all rights received web service. All the content and services which assigned under Spotiviral trademark which do union under “Spotiviral PVT (Ltd)”. Sign up installation for the site is convenient from every nook and corner on this orb. We accomplish with the premium marketing strategies  for your next step. Our tune is accessible in an exclusive movement from October 2020 for every web user. This is the next big icon on your long term excellence.  We pioneer brilliance of musicians to meet the targeted fans.

This new web launch for music promotion is the next original homage for your habitual need. We are with our clients to sell on an exact thing what they are looking for. We do equip you the 17 most renowned facilities in music. Anyone who is willing our collaboration on their identifiable work will undergo with the utter most peculiarities on a definition on virtual reality by base. Our web ecommerce go upon with the licit deals on seller and buyer summons. We secure your talents. It’s your chance to explore them to the world and get your exclusive status as an active seller, thus the world can buy your effective deeds they need. We pioneer your brilliance of freelancers to meet the world.